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Business Loans and Equipment Financing Solution

✅ from $50,000 to $150,000,000

✅ You Worked Hard to Start or to Build and Grow Your Business.
Don’t Take Chances with something as Critically Important as Financing.

✅ We Get You a “YES” to the Capital You Need to Purchase or to Expand Your Business in Ways You Thought Were Impossible

✅ We Take Exceptional Pride in Our Ability to Design Intelligent Solutions for almost any Business case Creatively

You May Require Creative Financing Options Customized for Your Specific Needs. With the Strong Relationships We Have Cultivated Across Our Extensive Network of Lenders, We Make Miracles Happen!

Business Finance Types

Business Loans and Lines of Credit for Working Capital, Business Growth and Expansion, to Pay for Day-to-Day Operating Expenses for almost Any Existing Business Types

Business Loans to Start Your Business for almost Any Business Types or to Purchase a New Business

Business Loans for Purchase of almost Any Business Types or to Refinance an Existing Business

CSBFL “Canada Small Business Financing Loan” is a Federal Government-Sponsored Loan which helps Start-Ups or Existing Businesses Purchase Equipment, Leaseholds Improvements, Land or Commercial Property in Canada and Offers:

  • Up to 90% with a Maximum Amount of $500,000 for Leasehold Improvements or Purchase of Equipment, Business Vehicles, Renovations
  • Up to 90% with a Maximum Amount of $1,000,000 for the Purchase of Land or Commercial Buildings or Improvements
  • Up to 85% of the Loan is Guaranteed by the Federal Government
  • Previous Purchases or Purchases made within the past six months are eligible
  • Floating and Fixed rate Options are available
  • Equipment Loans up to a 10-year Amortization
  • Leasehold Improvements up to a 7-year Amortization
  • Real Property Loans up to 15-year Amortization
  • Document Preparation Fee: $175
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Registration Fee: One-Time Federal Government Registration Fee of 2% of the Loan Amount (which may be included in the amount borrowed)
  • A 1.25% Administration Fee is Included as part of the interest rate
    NOT Eligible:
  • Working Capital, Inventory, Labour, Advertising, Farming Businesses, Charity, Religious, Holding Corporations and Trusts, Non-Commercial Purposes, Purchase Shares, Permits and Licenses, Franchise Fees, Studies for small business, Professional Fees, Survey

We Provide Franchise Business Loans to Purchase an Existing Franchise or to Buy a New Franchise 

Business Term Loans can be used to finance the following:

  • Purchase or Improvement of Land or Buildings used for Business Purposes
  • Purchase or Improvement of New or Used Equipment
  • Purchase of New or Existing Leasehold Improvements, that is, Renovations to a Leased Property
  • Working Capital Costs and Intangible Assets

We Provide Business Equipment Financing & Leasing for Existing or Start-Ups 

From $1 million to $150 million with the Potential for Larger Transactions, depending on the situation.

Asset Based Financing Can be Up to 85% of a Highly Marketable security like, Real Estate, Machinery & Equipment, etc.

We Can Provide Asset-Based Financing Solutions to Small to Mid-Sized Companies in Canada and Selective Transactions in the USA, with Traditional Banks or Alternative Lenders for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers, Transportation, Defense, Security, etc.

Not All, but some of Our Clients are Typically Unable to Access Traditional Bank Financing for Different Reasons like poor financial performance, unacceptable leverage ratios, or restrictive financial covenants.

In Most Cases, Borrowers Are Able to Afford Higher Advance Interest Rates Against Their Assets and Collateral (typically from 9% to 15%) with Alternative Lenders.

We Can Facilitate Asset-Based Financing which Focuses on the Integrity of the Ownership and Management Team, as well as Assets and Collateral, Pledged in Support of the Loan, such as Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Real Estate, etc.

Collateral Requirements: The First Charge of the Assets provided as Collateral is required. In some cases, Second Collateral Positions may be considered. 

Receivable, Factoring and Inventory Financing

Purchase Order Financing

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