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✅ We Have proven 7 Steps of the Mortgage Approval & Lending Process for Success.

✅ These are the exact steps that have Approved and Funded thousands of deals since 1996.

✅These are the exact steps that will also Get You Approved and will Fund Your Deal.

Step: 1

Receive Your Loan Request, Initial Free Consultation, Collecting Information
We schedule a meeting in person, by phone or teleconference/webcam, to allow us to understand and analyze your loan request, review your financing needs and projected strategy, and establish the potential for success for both of us. You can provide the information through our secure online application process, email, or in person.

Step: 2

Provide Solution & Proposal & Engagement Letter
Once we’re confident we have the right lender for you, we will provide you with a Written proposal / Letter of Engagement which will describe the terms and conditions of our services & costs. You’ll accept our proposal and will retain us.
Step: 3

Preparation, Submission & Presentation
We will prepare, present, and submit the deal to the Right Lender.
Step: 4

Receipt of Letter of Intent “LOI” or the Commitment
Receive the Letter of Intent “LOI” or the Commitment with terms and conditions from the Lender.
Step: 5

Acceptance of “LOI” or the Commitment by you
Acceptance of “LOI” or the Commitment by you and provide any additional documents that may be requested.
Step: 6

Due Diligence
Review and analyze documents and reports to proceed with funding.
Step: 7

Direction to Lawyer, Funding & Closing
We follow up to finalize the transaction/closing. You will receive your funds, and we receive our commission.
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